A different approach to headache & migraine
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A different approach to headache & migraine

It's time to try something new.




"If I used to think about getting a headache, I would get one.  Now I'm in control of it."

- Sam, 27


"I used to get 7 to 10 headaches a week.  Now I'm getting 1 to 2 headaches a week and my medication use has dropped."

- Allison, 31


Halo Clinical Evidence


Immediate and Sustained Relief

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Improved Quality of Life


Meet Halo



Halo provides clinically-validated headache therapies developed by renown clinicians



A convenient headache diary allows you to capture important information about your headaches and their impact on your life.



Halo uses powerful analytics to deliver insights and reveal patterns to help you feel your best each day.



Stay up to date on cutting edge behavioral therapy principles for headache, and the latest migraine research.

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